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All About Catalogs:

Most seed and nursery catalog companies have web sites now. Below I have placed links to sites that I hope you will find useful. I am a devotee of catalogs. I find that they contain a weath of information for anyone willing to read them carefully and closely.

The mailorder seed business in the United States has always been dominated by family-owned companies.

Vegetable/Flower Seed Catalog Companies:
Company Comments
Baker Creek Seeds Hundreds and hundreds of heirloom seeds. Many do not give days to maturity numbers. Many varieties are from the south or have been picked up in Latin American markets. So be careful about adaptations to higher elevations.
W. Atlee Burpee and Co. One of the oldest seed companies, and still run by the family. Burpee has long been an independent developer of new varieties. Any old varieties you run across with the name 'Fordhook' is a Burpee creation. The flower section in the catalog is quite extensive. It particularly specializes in Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Marigolds. Burpee's tomatoes, which include Early Girl, are the most widely sold tomatoes in the U.S. Burpee is a huge company, owning many smaller companies that supply seed to farmers. It also owns Pennington Seed (for birds) and Central Bird Feeders.
Dixon Dale Farms Great onions and leeks sold here. The farm is over a hundred years old. They have been selling to home gardeners since 1990.
Farmer Seed and Nursery Trees and flowers, with a small but well thought through selection of vegetables.
Gurney's Seed & Nursey Co. Vegetable seed and plants, fruits and flowers. Gurneys has been purchased and moved to Indiana from Yankton, South Dakota. When it was in South Dakota it was the closest seed company to our climate here in Wyoming. So I found that Gurney's days to maturation to be the closest of any catalog to what I could see happening in my own garden. Thus far Gurney's has not changed the way it measures those days to maturation. Its catalog has a new look for 2003, and it is asking its customers what they would like to see.
Home Town Seeds . Com "Hometown Seeds is a small business catering to home gardeners. Rather than trying to sell every garden product under the sun, we focus simply on seeds--a focus which allows us to keep our site simple and easy to use. This focus also allows them to offer professional quality products at affordable prices."
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds Out of Ellensberg, Washington, Irish Eyes offers fine organic vegetable seeds, but few that are rare. This catalog has the largest selection of Potatoes I have seen.
Johnny's Selected Seeds Out of Maine, Johnny's offers a great catalog. Johnny's introduced the DIVA variety of cucumber, which won the AAS for 2002. Johnny's also won the AAS for both the Sunshine and the BonBon squashes. The catalog is heavy on the vegetables, and reflects a lot of independent thinking. I find the cucumber and pepper sections facinating. The pumpkin section is excellent.
J. W. Jung Seed Co. One of the oldest seed companies, and still run by the family. Jung now owns Shumway, Totally Tomatoes, Vermont Bean Seed, and Seymour's Selected Seeds (flowers only). The catalog has flowers, some fruits, and vegetables. The catalog is full to the point of being crowded.

Jung offers a seperate bulb and flower catalog.

Nichols Garden Nursery This is a fine, thoughtful, and balanced catalog; well worth the look. The herb selection is extensive. As you would expect from an Oregon outfit, this one is big on onions, leeks and garlic too. Besides a nice selection of vegetables, this catalog has a nice selection of flowers and wildflowers.
George W. Park Seed Co. One of the oldest seed companies, and still run by the family. The flower section in the catalog is quite extensive. This the home of the WHOPPER, a name Park's has affixed to many new varieties it has bred. Park is out of Georgia, and so it offers some vegetables that are southern oriented, and not suitable for our climate.

Park's offers a seperate bulb and flower catalog.

Peaceful Valley Out of California, Peaceful Valley offers fine organic vegetable seeds, and some that are rare. If you need to order large volumes of Potatoes, this is the one.
Pinetree Garden Seeds Out of Maine, Pinetree offers fine vegetable seeds, excessories and books. It has sections in the catalog of seeds from other parts of the world.
Reimer Seeds A mostly online seed company with a large selection.
Scheepers Kitchen Garden As the name suggests, Scheepers has a compact catalog that specilizes in lettuce, carrots, etc.

Scheepers offers a seperate bulb and flower catalog.

Seeds of Change Seeds of Change offers a great many heirloom varieties of both flowers and vegetables. It takes price in being all organic. Some of the vegetables are very old indeed. Other vegetable varieties are the 'tried and true' moderns like STRAIGHT EIGHT CUCUMBER or SUGAR SNAP PEA (not added to the catalog until 2002).
R. H. Shumway Seedsman Perhaps the oldest seed company. Shumway is now owned by Jung. Any old varieties you run across with the name 'Marketmore' was originally a Shumway creation. Shumway is out of South Carolina, and so it offers some vegetables that are southern oriented, and not suitable for our climate. The catalog does try to offer many heirloom varieties, and has traditionally specialized in Cabbage.
Stokes Seeds Out of upstate New York, Stokes' catalog is aimed at truck famers even more than home gardeners. This catalog probably features more varieties total, and more varieties you have never heard of, than any other seed catalog.
Territorial Seeds Out of Oregon, this catalog has one of the biggest and best tomato selections around. The more I read this catalog, the more I am impressed.
TomatoBob.com This family-owned company is all about heirlooms, and particularly about heirloom tomatoes. Selection of tomatoes is generous. I would like to see more vegetables, and perhaps some herbs.
Totally Tomatoes As the name suggests, this catalog is all about tomatoes and peppers. It contains hundreds of tomato varieties. Totally Tomatoes is also the creator of the GOLIATH series of tomatoes that we admire so much. This is another company owned by Jung.
Vermont Bean Seed Company This company specializes in beans, and, to a lesser extent, peas. If you are looking for a special bean or special use bean, this is the catalog for you. This is another company owned by Jung.
Veseys Seeds Out of Maine, Vesseys offers a wide selection of vegetables. I particularly appreciate the pumpkin selection.
Other Vegetable/Flower Catalogs of Interest:
The Cook's Garden

P.O. Box 535

Londonderry, VT 05148


This catalog contains a large selection of lettuce, mesclun, cress, arugula, etc., along with flowers.
White Flower Farm Online catalog for Shepherd's Seeds: Flowers, Vegetables, and Greens.

Fruit and Tree Catalogs:
Stark Brothers Perhaps the oldest fruit and tree company, established in 1816, and still run by the family. Stark Brothers is the winner of the 2003 Mailorder Gardening Association Green Thumb Award, for its development of the Root Production Method. This is a revolutionary 'bottomless pot' method that, "allows the root system to be naturally air pruned, creating a dense mass of roots for easy transplanting and growth." This 190 year old company was a backer of Luther Burbank and the recipient of much of his work upon his death. Stark Brothers introduced the Red Delicious and Golden Delicious Apples; and also introduced new types of older varieties that have closer spurs, for greater fruit production.
Miller Nurseries Millers comes to you from the Finger Lakes country of upper New York. It's catalog contains trees, fruit, bushes, vines, roses, and flowers. Miller's specializes in grapes and in cold hardy varieties, which will be of special interest to Wyoming gardeners.
One Green World This catalog contains many of the rare offerings of Kiwi, Sea Berry, Honeyberry, Elderberry, Quince, Persimmon, Mulberry, Figs, Goumi, etc.

Flower Seed Catalogs:
Select Seeds Unusual and rare flowers abound in this catalog.
Seymour's Seeds A good selection of annuals and perrenials.
Wildseed Farms Want to plant acres of flowers, make up your own mix? This is the catalog for you.
High Country Gardens Plants, bulbs, seeds, for the Western garden; with ground covers, and ornamental grasses.
http://www.FlowersForums.com Flowers Forum is a great resource online

Bulb Catalogs:
Michigan Bulb Company A good selection of tulips, daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths
Brecks A good selection of tulips, daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths, owned by Michigan Bulb
Van Dycks A good selection of tulips, daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths
Dutch Gardens A good selection of tulips, daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths, wonderful photos
Wayside Gardens A good selection of tulips, daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths, with perrenials too

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